Monday, October 28, 2019

Opposition Against Macbeth Essay Example for Free

Opposition Against Macbeth Essay Finally the three witches who built up Macbeth is also opposing him with a new prediction which would lead to his downfall. (3. 5 29-31) In Act three we are introduced to Macbeths deception and paranoia as he begins to suffer horrifying images of his murdered victims appear amongst him. Macbeths greatest opposition as he quickly destroys his status among others is Banqou his closest friend . Banqous suspicion towards Macbeth grows deeper ,yet it’s his persistence towards his prophesies that forces him into silencing the topic of his beliefs and knowledge for his own ambitions. Banqou awaited for his prophesies to suffice his wants yet as the time grew Macbeth grew in power with dark intentions. AS time quickly slipped through Banqous hand Macbeth noticed the threat the Banqou held against him. (Act3-2)(40-61)Macbeth began to experience paranoia and Banqous suspicion fueled that paranoia. With the witches misleading statements towards Banqous life and rise to glory, Macbeth was convinced there was a defective statement that may lead to his death through Banqous request. With fear and hatred circling his mind, Macbeth convinced two attendants to murder Banqou. (Act3-3)(12-33)As the two murders go off and commit their crime, Macbeth hints to his wife of great plans and that’s a sign of glory and confidence filling his soul. Macbeth had experienced a lack of sleep and a lack of apatite as he sat at his thrown while Banqou and others revolved around him with great suspicion leaving an emotional and mental scar. Act3-4)(49-101)After Banqous death, Macbeth grew great confidence yet it was the idea of murdering his friend haunted him daily and knowing Fleance escaped grew more fear within his soul. (Act3-5) The second opposition which played a large role from the beginning was the witches and Hecate. Macbeth finally reached his goal and accomplished his prophesy yet it was his greed that made him want more power and knowledge of future occurrences ,Knowing this Hecate Decided to convince Macbeth of more glory awaits him and raise his confidence to a higher level which will finally destroy him and lead him to his great down fall. Hecate knew Macbeth’s rain among Scotland and those close to him had to reach its limit and allowing him to continue would lead them to their death. In order to avoid the conflict and remove Macbeth from his power swiftly, Hecate and the other witches decided to allow Macbeth collapse on himself through gentle statements they created. Macbeth’s insecurity and fear leads him to gain enemies and demons which over take his mind. Act3-6)The final great opposition that slowly forms against Macbeth was Lennox and the other lords. Lennox and the other lords begin to discuss Macbeth’s actions among his territorial rule. The lords begin to discuss all the crimes they are sure Macbeth had committed. Macbeth begins to create a defence for himself as he find out his enemies alliance grows rapidly. Macbeth leads himself into the lowes t of situations as he slowly begins to murder others . His suspicion and terror haunts his every move and his enemies grow with his every day at his position.

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